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  1. omar · أكتوبر 17, 2013

    ياريت انا من القاهرة_مصر و كنت عاوز مكان اتدرب فيه على الفنون القتالية و ياريت يكون سعرها رخيص و ارجو سرعة الرد و كل سنة وانتم طيبين

    • Tony Saghbiny · أكتوبر 17, 2013

      الصفوف التي أعطيها شخصياً صديقي هي في دبي كل يوم اثنين وأربعاء وتتضمن فنون قتال الشوارع، الدفاع ضد الأسلحة البيضاء، الجوجيتسو، الجودو، المواي تاي، الكاراتيه والملاكمة. إن كنت متواجد في لبنان هنالك بعض الأصدقاء يعطون البرنامج نفسك استطيع ان اضعك على تواصل معهم. للأسف لا اعرف مدرّبين حتى الآن في مصر لكني واثق انه يوجد هنالك الكثير من الكفاءات!

      • Hady abouraad · نوفمبر 5, 2013

        Tony saghbiny i am looking forward to take some fighting lessons or classes if you please can help me. Lebanon

        • Tony Saghbiny · نوفمبر 5, 2013

          Hello Hady,

          I’m currently based in Dubai. There are a couple of good fighting classes that i can recommend tho. Drop me a message if you want and i’ll give you the details.


  2. محمود بشير عباس · يناير 28, 2014

    انا عاوز اشترل في القصائد ابقي شاعر

  3. God Bless you · يناير 31, 2014

    from Book st..Bridget of Sweden
    Chapter 1

    “I am the Creator of the heavens and the earth, one in Divinity with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am the one who spoke to the patriarchs and the prophets and the one whom they awaited. For the sake of their longing and in agreement with my promise, I assumed flesh without sin and concupiscence, by entering the womb of the Virgin like the sun shining through the clearest gem. For just as the sun does not damage the glass by entering it, likewise the virginity of the Virgin was not lost when I assumed Manhood. I assumed flesh in such a way that I did not have to forsake my Divinity, and I was no less God – with the Father and the Holy Spirit, governing and upholding all things – although I was in the womb of the Virgin in my human nature. Just as brightness is never separated from fire, so too, my Divinity was never separated from my Humanity, not even in death.

    Thereafter I allowed my pure and sinless body to be wounded from the foot to the head, and to be crucified for all the sins of mankind. That same body is now offered each day on the altar so that mankind might love me more and remember my great deeds more often. But now I am totally forgotten, neglected, despised, and expelled as a king is from his own kingdom and in whose place the most wicked robber has been elected and honored.

    I have indeed wanted my kingdom to be within man, and by right I should be King and Lord over him, for I made him and redeemed him. However, now he has broken and desecrated the faith which he promised me in his baptism, and he has broken and spurned my laws and commandments which I prescribed and revealed to him. He loves his own will and refuses to hear me. In addition, he exalts the most wicked robber, the devil, above me and has given him his faith. The devil really is a robber, since he steals for himself, by way of evil temptations, bad councils, and false promises, the human soul that I redeemed with my blood. But he does not do this because he is mightier than me; for I am so mighty that I can do all things with a word, and so just, that even if all the saints asked me, I would not do the least thing against justice.

    But, since man, who has been given free will, willfully rejects my commandments and obeys t he devil, it is only right that he also experiences his tyranny and malice. This devil was created good by me, but fell by his own wicked will, and has become, so to speak, my servant for inflicting vengeance on the workers of evil.

    Yet, even though I am now so despised, I am still so merciful that whoever prays for my mercy and humbles himself in amendment shall be forgiven his sins, and I shall save him from the evil robber – the devil. But to those who continue despising me, I shall visit my justice upon them, so that those hearing it will tremble, and those who feel it will say: “Woe, that we were ever conceived or born! Woe, that we ever provoked the Lord of majesty to wrath!”

    But you, my daughter, whom I have chosen for myself, and with whom I now speak in spirit: love me with all your heart – not as you love your son or daughter or parents, but more than anything in the world – since I, who created you, did not spare any of my limbs in suffering for your sake! Yet, I love your soul so dearly that, rather than losing you, I would let myself be crucified again, if it were possible. Imitate my humility; for I, the King of glory and of angels, was clothed in ugly, wretched rags and stood naked at the pillar and heard all kinds of insults and ridicule with my own ears. Always prefer my will before your own, because my Mother, your Lady, has, from the beginning to the end, never wanted anything but what I wanted.

    If you do this, then your heart shall be with my heart, and it will be inflamed by my love in the same way that anything dry becomes rapidly inflamed by fire. Your soul shall be so inflamed and filled with me, and I will be in you, so that everything worldly becomes bitter to you and all fleshly lusts like poison. You will rest in the arms of my Divinity, where no fleshly desires exist, but only spiritual delight and joy which fill the delighted soul with happiness – inwardly and outwardly – so that it thinks of nothing and desires nothing but the joy which it possesses. So love me alone, and you will have all the things you want, and you will have them in abundance. Is it not written that the oil of the widow did not decrease until the day the rain was sent to earth by God according to the words of the prophet? I am the true prophet! If you believe my words and follow and fulfill them, the oil – joy and jubilation – shall never decrease for you for all eternity.”

  4. شركة ملفك · مارس 5, 2014

    يسر ادارة موقع تبادل الاعلانات العربي التواصل معكم ومشاركتكم في شبكتنا الاعلانية على الرابط التالي : http://exarab.com/ads/

  5. غير معروف · مارس 10

    الرجاء فتح مجال إضافة الردود إلى مقالتك “لماذا زايتجايست ليست حركة تغييرية”

    • Adon · مارس 10

      التعليقات تغلق تلقائياً على كل المقالات بعد مرور بضعة أسابيع، هذا لا يمنع أحد من الرد على أي جزء من المقال على أي وسيلة أخرى.

  6. احمد · يونيو 25

    مرحبا أستاذ طوني ,انا من المتابعين لمدونتك الرائعة ,لدس طلب اذا امكن ,هل تستطيع أن تكتب عن النظام التعليمي في العالم ,وما علاقة الحصول على الشهادة ,,,بالحصول على رزق المعيشة ولماذا يتم الربط بينهما ؟؟؟

  7. احمد · أكتوبر 16

    هل لديك نسخة pdf لكتاب الازمة الاخيرة ….. ارجو الرد وشكرا

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