Pirate Beirut: Lebanese Underground Music

Ninar Blog would like to introduce this week a very special blog in the Lebanese Blogosphere, it’s “Pirate Beirut“; the best online source for Underground and independent Lebanese Music.


What i like about these guys is, well, that they are pirates! And second because they obviously love real music; they founded a place where you can download it for free, real music, real lyrics, real people, not just the dull rhythm with big dancing boobs that most of us in the arab world are used to!

Their pirate web is also an excellent contribution to promote the Lebanese Bands that don’t take the credit they deserve on the musical scene.  Actually the alternative music scene in Lebanon have some very advanced Bands that present a content worthy of international  prominence, but because the lack of money and sponsors the majority of these bands disband after a couple of albums.

Pirate Beirut speaks about this exact issue in their description:

The music industry is overflowed with low-quality music, especially in Lebanon where “eminent” artists are determined by how much flesh they show in their music videos; This scarcity imposed by the monopolists (those with the fat bank accounts) is leaving a lot of artists with actual talent starving in the dark. We’re here to give you a choice that the Lebanese music industry has taken away from you. We’re here to bring down the monopoly once and for all.

The Music types range from different kinds of rock to Jazz to hip hop to blues and folk music.. etc, mainly in English, Arabic, Armenian and sometimes French Languages.

Pirate Beirut is updated every Monday with New Music. Enjoy!

URL: piratebeirut.com

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  1. musician trying to make money · يونيو 29, 2012

    yea its great for people who dont want to pay for music – if anyone actually wants to keep listening to arabic musicians then it might be an idea for you to actually buy the music these musicians spend so much time making – you think theyre doing it for your own personal gratification for free- when they definitely are not. all the music is available to buy – so support the artist and label – if anyone needs the money its them – not these scammers

    • Tony Saghbiny · يونيو 30, 2012

      Chill out mate,
      I do support my favorite musicians in concerts and CDs, but you also need a platform to spread the word, maybe Pirate Beirut is not the best idea but it’s a place where one is regularly updated on new folks.
      And honestly, i don’t think anyone can make a living from music these days, look around, the internet happened, and although it offered an opportunity for many people, it made making money out of music almost impossible.
      The same thing happened with writing my friend, we’re almost in the same situation.

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